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by Sofie Louca Published 01/10/2010


Sofie Louca was born in Hertfordshire in 1970. She has been a professional photographer for eight years and presently lives in Limassol, Cyprus. She won the Annabel William's Photographer of the Year award in 2009. Photographer, Paul Karaolides is a native of Cyprus and married Sofie in 1991. They now run Amorphia Photography from Limassol but spend a lot of time on their travels, photographing for commissions and destination weddings. They joined the SWPP in 2007 and are lecturing twice at the Convention in January 2011 - Superclass Kiss My Pixels Masterclass PS: I Love You It promises to be a lively session on both occasions.

My first experiences with a camera

When did you first hold a camera in your hands and whom did you get it from? Did you discover your fascination for photography by yourself?


I'd always been creative from a young age and art was my favourite subject at school but as much as I loved art I just wasn't any good at drawing no matter how much I wanted that not to be the case! I guess trying so hard to be good at something that I wasn't, put me off so I didn't pursue my creative side until I was in my mid twenties when I was given some money as a gift. I decided I'd spend it on something thatwould be useful and ended up purchasing a basic Nikon SLR. Although I'd taken a few photos in the past it was never seriously and nothing more than holiday snapshots. Once I did have my own camera and began taking photography seriously it just felt 'right' and it felt as if I had found a way to express myself creatively, without the need to draw or paint! The other thing I realised was that the world around me looked different and I was surprised at how much I hadn't seen - there were so many little details that had gone unnoticed and everything seemed to be a camera opportunity! My husband also took up photography at the same time as me and we basically learnt photography by practice and reading photography magazines. I also took a short course, learning how to process my own black and white film and print my own images. Then I set up my own darkroom where I spent countless hours printing my own work. Photography became a large part of my l fe and I can't imagine not having a camera anymore!

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