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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2009


The macro-photograph shows the slight amount of creasing that occurs using a bone folder, an essential part of using the paper to make a greetings card. Providing the image does not cross over the crease-line the effect would be barely noticable.

There has always been a market requirement for inkjet papers that have a receptive layer on both sides. Typically they are used for greetings cards, flyers, business cards and any job that requires more than a page of information on just a single sheet.

Fotospeed PF LustreDuo is the latest and welcome expansion of the available materials. It is a 280gsm, bright white, lustre finish and the coating contains optical brighteners. The lustre is a fine grained, attractive finish.


We made monchrome prints using the Epson Advanced Black and White driver to create a rich, detailed image from Paul gallagher's infrared work in this issue. This produced a record highest Dmax of 2.6, a very low metamerism of around 0.6 in the print, overall a really classy result.

Fotospeed will provide custom profiles to purchasers of their products (see website) and so we made a bespoke profile for our testing on an Epson 3800 (ie pigment ink). We correctly anticipated a slight drop in saturation due to the optical brighteners and a slightly elevated density. To this end, we simultaneous built a corrected profile with an additional +4% saturation and +4% average brightness.

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