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by Lisa Beaney Published 01/12/2016


Most modern cameras produce perfectly good images at ISO 3,200 and many of them can go much higher than this. With the Sony A7S I can shoot at ISO10,000 and not need any noise reduction - BUT it really is vital that the image is correctly exposed. If you are looking at the histogram on the back of your camera then it is far better (and easier to correct in Lightroom) if the image is showing to the right (light) rather than the left (dark) while making sure that you are not clipping the highlights. It is also worth practising and seeing how much leeway you have with your Raw files in post-production; try over-exposing by a stop or two and then bringing it back and see how much extra detail you can get out of the image - the same with underexposing the image. By practicing like this you will get to know what you can achieve with your kit!

I recently ran some training days for the SWPP covering this subject and the easiest way to show what can be achieved in a very short space of time is to talk through some of the images taken...


The light source is the light above Loretta that you can see in the image. A light-meter reading was taken from Loretta’s face pointing towards the light source. Camera settings : ISO 1600 1/125 f4 at 24mm on the Sony A7R2 with the Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 lens.

Any overhead light can work quite well; these were quite modern lights in the bar/dance area and each light had three bulbs in it. The white balance was corrected in Lightroom using the dropper tool on the dress.

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