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by Lisa Beaney Published 01/12/2016


The light source is the lamp that you can see in the image. A light meter reading was taken from Loretta’s face pointing towards the light source.

Camera settings: ISO 6400 1/100 f4 at 29mm on the Sony A7R2 with the Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 lens. Again Loretta was turned so her face was pointing towards the light otherwise she would have had almost no light on her face.


In this image (right) I deliberately under exposed the image to give me the look to the trees that I wanted. I then set the flash power to light Loretta so she was exposed correctly.

Sometimes you may need to add some light to an image but this needs to be 'motivated', in other words it needs to be believable. As an example, if this lamp hadn’t been bright enough you could have added light in from the same direction as the lamp and it would have looked perfectly natural. If you had added it from any other direction, the picture wouldn’t have looked as natural (and we all get the brides who love the 'natural' images that have really been posed!)

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