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by Lisa Beaney Published 01/12/2016


The light source is the down-lighter above Loretta that you can see in the image. A light-meter reading was taken from Loretta’s face pointing towards the light source. Camera settings: ISO 1250 1/200 f4 at 26mm on the Sony A7R2 with the Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 lens. This was just in a very dark corridor area of the hotel. I chose a down-lighter as far away from doors as I could find so we didn’t have too many problems with fire exit signs The light source is a roof light above Loretta that you can’t see in the image. Camera settings: ISO 3200 1/125 f4 at 24mm on the Sony A7R2 with the Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 lens. This staircase was a lucky find. Not only did it have a roof light above it that allowed us to get this image looking down, but there were also some lamps on the walls on the way up and some mirrors that we could use to get quite a variety of images without needing to move our model. In general, if I can get the variety of images without moving the bride and groom much then that will always be the faster option … and as someone once told me, weddings are just portraiture at 90 miles an hour! Sometimes you will have a scene that you want to use but the light just isn’t right … on these occasions you WILL need to add some light and this can be done quite quickly and easily using lights such as the Elinchrom Quadras or off-camera flash (depending how much power you need!)

The light source is an Elinchrom Quadra set up with a reflector and honeycomb off to the left as you are looking at Loretta. Camera settings: ISO 100 1/125 f4 at 24mm on the Sony A7R2 with the Sony Zeiss f4 24-70 lens.

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