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by Gary Williams Published 01/04/2011

You will be able to tell how things are going because if they appear uncomfortable or 'fidgety' they are perhaps not as likely to 'buy big' .

On that note, when actually showing 'proofs' you are much more likely to sell things that clients can actually see, and the bigger the better. A large, framed, 36x24 inch print will easily sell when actually displayed on your studio wall with a picture of a beautiful bride, rather than looking at a 6x4 proof and a frame sample. So if you have a huge projector or large TV screen this encourages those 'big' purchases.

6: Follow up
Your contacts list is possibly the biggest asset your business has. It is vitally important to keep in touch with everyone you have a contact for. Even those potential clients who may (for whatever reason) have decided not to do business with you. In today's world with email, mail shots, etc, it is possible to maintain contact quickly, easily and cheaply. You can build up a relationship with clients, and hopefully generate return business. So don't forget about your brides and grooms after the wedding, send 'happy anniversary' greetings, you might get to do an anniversary shoot or pictures of their newborn child, etc. (You might get asked to take pictures of one of them now that they are single again - it's all work!)

So the bottom line is that if you don't sell you won't survive, but if you provide your clients with a friendly manner and a great service, which they enjoy, they WILL purchase. Happy customers will tell their friends and this can lead to more customers.

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