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by Ron Pybus Published 01/06/2008

The recession, if it happens as predicted, will affect photographers at the lower and middle end of the financial ladder rather than the top-flight photographers who aim at the financially well-heeled.

There is no point in bemoaning the fact that there is a decline in business, now is the time to review what we are doing, how we are doing it, and how we can perhaps repackage our services to make them more attractive. Presentation and marketing become even more important than in the past as well establishing systems where customers return time after time. In other words we need to manage the recession to our advantage rather than give in to whatever might happen.

Not only should we be looking at what we do, but how we spend our money In order to maximise income. We should also be looking to diversify into new fields and develop images which are totally different to those produced by 'Uncle Joe' with his new digital camera.

Managing the recession needs a positive outlook from the beginning; it requires a little lateral thinking, and it may mean that you have to spend a little to gain an edge in these financially difficult times. If you just sit back and join the doom and gloom merchants you will probably feel the full effects of any recession that may occur.

Many photographers have been shooting similar images and offering similar packages for several years. It has been successful so 'why change?' has been the philosophy of many. The change from the dark brown background of years ago to the almost universal white background of today was a dramatic departure from tradition and it may be that a similar dramatic change will be necessary in the very near future. What that will be I would not like to predict.

I am taking the opportunity to review every single aspect of my operation, starting with the decor in the studio, the lighting set up, the publicity material and how we present images for post-sitting viewing. We have decided to attempt to reposition our whole operation on to a higher level, with new logos, new prices, new publicity, a new marketing scheme, experimenting with different presentation systems and generally reviewing every single aspect of our services. We are also redesigning our training courses and exploring photographic services that we have hitherto not considered. It will take until early in 2009 to achieve all we set out to achieve, but at least we are beginning to move in what is hopefully the right direction.

As I am one of the speakers at the SWPP 2009 convention you will be able to find out just what has happened and whether we have been successful. Or if you want to find out a little more about managing your business we run a series of reasonably priced two-day training courses both in general management and in various studio techniques. (see our advert below).

There's more to it than taking photographs Are you a newcomer to the profession and need guidance on how to set up and run an effective business?

Have you been operating for some time and feel in need of a boost in your business or do you

want to stay ahead of the game?

We have several two-day training courses specifically designed around your needs. These are limited to a maximum of 4 people and are run from our studioand training centre in the heart of Wiltshire. The cost is £175 per person.

For further details contact 01225 774440

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1st Published 01/06/2008
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