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by Jerry Ghionis Published 01/08/2012


Anyone who has ever had the good fortune to attend a workshop given by Jerry Ghionis will attest to the fact that you most certainly get your money's worth. It's not surprising that Jerry feels shattered by the end of it all, because even the delegates come away feeling like they need a lie down. From the off it's a non-stop delivery of information, practical technique and anecdotes, all of which invariably runs wildly over schedule, and if you could take what Jerry had to give and could put it in a bottle you'd have a recipe for success that couldn't help but drive you on to greater things.

While he made his name producing a seemingly never-ending stream of high octane wedding pictures from his studio in Melbourne there's no denying that Jerry has moved on these days and is now very much an international player, working in a number of different disciplines while teaching his methods to audiences in packed workshops all around the world. There are still definite threads that tie everything together, however, and first and foremost is this photographer's deep affinity with portraiture and his burning desire to still spend time behind the camera creating great images.


"Everything I do stems back to the love of bringing out the best in people," he says. "Whether it's photography or teaching, it serves a similar purpose. My love for photography and the business of photography will always be my number one passion, and the different strands to my brand all stem from that. I will never stop being an active photographer; it's in my blood."

Though he loved photographing weddings, Jerry always knew that one day he would expand his remit and look to do other things as well. "Ultimately it would be too restricting for me to just concentrate on one thing," he says. "I love the diversity of unique, creative and business challenges. That being said, I think that everything I do, and have done, is a logical evolution of my brand.

"Take the training that I do, for example. When I started professional photography 18 years ago, there were very few resources for photographers to develop their creativity and business. Although I have certainly practiced my craft and have made many creative and business mistakes, the problem solving skills needed to be a good photographer or business person come quite naturally to me.

"About 12 years ago, I was invited to present my first seminar in front of a live audience and to share my philosophy on photography and my business model. It was then that I discovered my love for teaching. I also quickly realised that when you are forced to articulate what comes naturally to some, you understand your skill even more. So teaching also helped me to become a better photographer. One seminar then led to another and I found I had a passion to teach in front of a large crowd but also really enjoyed the intimate setting of a workshop where I spend five days with a group of only 20 people."

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