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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2017


The Survivors: The 22 judges eligible for 16x20 finals judging after those with 'an interest' in any print were excluded from the process.

The Judges used during the year:

Steve Allen - Sue Altenburg - Kelly Brown - Mark Cleghorn - Jocelyn Conway - Tony Corbell* - Marko Dutka - Luke Edmonson - David Edmonson - Peter Ellis* - George Fairbairn - Desi Fontaine* - Adrian Henson - Steve Howdle - Gurvir Johal - Simon John - Scott Johnson - Christina Lauder - Clare Louise - Kenneth Martin - Damian McGillicuddy* - Gordon McGowan - Mike McNamee - Aled Oldfield - Nik Pekridis - Llewellyn Robins* - Ramon Sammut - Lenny Smith - David Stanbury - Joseph Stefanchik - Richard Walton* - Johnson Wee - Tracy Willis - Kevin Wilson - Stuart Wood - Faye Yerbury - Trevor Yerbury* - Darrin Zammit Lupi

*Qualification and 16x20 Chairs


Photographer of the Year 2016

This was judged in Rhyl by a team of Societies' Fellows. The total entry was 10,468 and this was reduced by the monthly judges to 585 Gold awards across 26 categories. The Golds include the upgrades from highly commended entries made by the judging panel in Rhyl, effectively a repêchage system. The panel reduced the number to 104 nominated finalists, approximately three per category.

This year the Rhyl finals were judged on the fabulous calibrated Eizo monitors so that the judges had a perfect view of the entries – it was a great success and the Societies are indebted to Eizo.

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