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by Ron Pybus Published 01/06/2007

Part 5 on the business aspects of being a successful photographer by Ron Pybus ma aswpp.

In the previous articles I have talked about attracting customers to the studio or to your wedding business. In this article I am dealing with something far more important to your business - caring for your customers. Get your customer care right and your customers will tell one or two, get it exceptionally right and they will tell a dozen, but get it wrong and they will dine out on your mistakes for weeks.

Just think about it - what was the last customer experience your friends mentioned to you about someone else's business - the chances are it was a bad or poor experience.

A customer's impression of you and your service starts with the first contact. This is often over the phone. In a conversation, people make use of sight, sound and mannerisms. On the phone there is only sound. This means that what you say and how you say it is essential. You should start off with a welcome; follow this with an identifier followed again by an enquiry. "Good morning, Pybus Studios, can I help you?" If you are initiating the conversation, the same applies, "Good Morning, this is Ron Pybus, I am returning your call, how can I help you? The good morning allows your customer to recognise you vocal tones before he gets in to the detail of who what where when.

Just think what an impression this makes compared with "Hello" or as I once had "My daddy doesn't want to talk to you!" - Click.

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