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by Alison Carlino Published 01/08/2015


Your job as photographer is to be a silent witness to the action that happens in front of you. You should have already scouted out the scene for the lighting quality, quantity, colour and direction and decided if and where you will add off-camera flash to the scene. Once you set the family up and give them some general direction, your job is to back off and let it unfold in front of you. Follow through with your storytelling and tell it like an author would lay out a book: details, beginning, middle, climax, and end of story. This sets you up to be able to offer a digitally designed art book. If you shoot in story form, the family won't be able to pick just a couple for printing. The art book is the answer!


One piece of advice - if you aren't familiar with the type of sport, activity, or skill that you will be photographing, do a little research ahead of time. Considering your camera angles and what positions the action may unfold in will help you anticipate the moment better. Showing up confident it is half the battle!

I'll be presenting this very concept as a Convention Superclass on Sunday, 24 Jan 2016 from 2-6pm.

In conclusion, lifestyle photo sessions are a great way to break away from the norm and help families remember who and what was important to them during that time in their lives.

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