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Published 01/10/2008


Museo paper needs no introduction to our American readers for this US-made paper has an established reputation over there. In the UK it has always been available from on-line paper but has tended to be used by a minority of in-the-know printers who value its no-compromise archival properties.

This is a feature that is greatly stressed in the publicity material by the maker and all sheets of media are protected by thin acid-free interleaves and great pride is taken over the packing and maintenance of the paper grain during sheet cutting. Originally the media production was owned by Cranes but this has now been acquired by Intelicoat Technologies with no change in manufacturing, so it remains the paper that the discerning users know and love.

In addition, we also look at two new products from Hahnemuhle and make comparisons where appropriate.

Our sample box provided us with nine surfaces as listed in the table. Separately, on-line paper provided a box of the specialist Museo Pan 132x40" for testing. We declined the opportunity to print onto the canvas media; it is not really compatible with the test-bed Epson 3800.

The Museo website provides icc profiles for almost all of the major professional and enthusiast printers from Epson, Canon and HP. Aside from that there is a considerable body of expertise available through the specialist web forums such as DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint. However, if you go Googling for information it might be better to include Cranes in your search for a while to ensure that you pull in all the archive data.

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