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by Gordon McGowan Published 01/01/2014


A picture that sells will be one where the photographer has made sure that it's perfect in every way. Gordon McGowan lives by this philosophy and will be showing its value in his Convention seminars.

If there is one thing that Gordon McGowan prides himself on, it's his honesty. As a mentor and trainer he knows that those who have paid for his time don't want to hear platitudes, rather they need to know where they're going wrong, and with his unerring eye for what makes an image work and what might be holding it back, he's the perfect person to advise on any improvements that might be called for.

"I've always been brought up to tell the truth and that's exactly what I do," he says. "I don't make negative criticism but I do point out where a photographer might be failing and through that approach I believe that I've helped many of those who have come to me to improve the work they are producing. It can become quite emotional at times but photographers are grateful for the fact that I'm straight talking and realise that my only motivation is to help them to make better pictures.


"I mentor photographers who are interested and passionate about learning the skill of how to pose a bride and groom, and also make them aware of how to look for the details that can make or break a wedding or fashion portrait. It's important to learn not to just turn up at a wedding and photograph anything that moves as some photographers do these days and then start to panic when they have a really bad venue on a wet day; that's when you really need to know some posing skills."

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