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by Gordon McGowan Published 01/01/2014


"You also have to take on board the fact that people rarely have perfect features and it's your job as a photographer to make them look their very best on their wedding day," says Gordon. "It will often be that you might see small imperfections that they are not even aware of themselves and then you need to work your way around these carefully and without drawing attention to what you are doing."

Gordon's dedication to teaching is impressive, and his Convention sessions are always hugely popular and usually oversubscribed. It's a chance to learn from someone who has seen and pretty much done it all, and to take on board the principles that have allowed him to become such a successful and highly regarded photographer. These will be two intense sessions, but you'll be certain to come away with a much better grasp of how to shoot carefully constructed pictures that can't help but sell.

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1st Published 01/01/2014
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