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Although Adobe is continually striving to improve its Brushes and Brush Engine, Corel Painter remains the choice of those who create digital paintings. Photoshop is almost invariably used by Painter artists to supply the finishing touches, ahead of printing and as you will see in a moment this remains a requirement despite the Corel claims for better colour management.

We reviewed Painter X three years ago and have been unable to run either it, or this latest version, since our (over) powerful workstation was brought on stream. This has 16GB of RAM and up until now Painter had a limit if 8GB. The situation was reviewed as part of our upgrade to Windows 7 and enquiries indicated that the latest version does indeed run in both 64-bit and with 16GB of RAM in Windows 7.


Installing the program is the easy bit, learning to use Painter is problematic. especially for photographers who do not paint conventionally. To overcome this problem we took ourselves off to see Carol Tipping who can paint, and is also an accomplished Painter user. This had two advantages, we got a better review but it also gives us the opportunity to showcase Carol's recent Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society which was executed in her signature Pre- Raphaelite style, using Painter.

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