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Printing from Painter is claimed to be simplified. We were unable to make prints of the same colour accuracy that we can obtain from Photoshop. The quality, using No Color Management in the Epson driver, was gruesome (we did not even trouble the spectro with it!). Using the ICM control of the Epson and the default Premium Gloss profile delivered a 'reasonable' print but it was very desaturated and barely acceptable (average error of 7?E00). Overall then the colour management within Painter is OK on screen but for accurate prints you have to go into Photoshop.

Carol's Bit

Painter 11 has a nice looking interface and runs quickly on my iMac. The first thing I noticed was that Painter still cannot open RAW files and as most of my pictures are in RAW format that was a downside. However, it doesn't take long to convert a file and Painter 11 does now support TIFF and PNG files in this version as well as JPEG, PSD and RIF (which is a Painter Raster Image File - which allows paintings to remain separate from the canvas so the canvas can be altered later.)


The new features in Painter 11 are worthwhile. The redesigned Color Palette actually looked the same to me at first but you can un-dock the palette and drag to another part of the screen and enlarge it to give more accurate colour picking. You can also select a hue from the colour palette and use keyboard commands - using arrow keys to adjust saturation values. A good time-saving feature.

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