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Rolling with the Little Dog - Aug 15 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2015


Much excitement at the Towers, Fudge and Treacle are billeted with us for the moment. The extra dog-power for the morning attack is welcome: the Humans have trouble resisting especially if we use Treacle's long licky tongue on any exposed faces or bits of flesh. We can get the Human's to fix breakfast about 20 minutes earlier than usual - result!

Himself has tried to get out of the extra walking involved by pretending to have a sore leg. He did the job properly and roamed about various A&E departments including an exciting high-speed transfer under blues and twos. Hospital visiting is thus being slotted in between our walks; things are a little bit thin but we just loaf about sleeping, we are essentially patient creatures.

Raspberries are in season in the garden. With three of us it's easier to do some clandestine harvesting. We can pretend to go out for a wee and if they are not looking sneak across and snaffle a few before the yelling starts. Treacle is the best at it, she has developed a style of getting up on the wall to reach the high-hanging fruit and although she can be seen faster, the pickings are such that she can get a whole mouthful down her before the alarms go off and the Humans appear.

Strawberries are out at the allotment but security is much tighter down there and it is generally only a one-dog-at- a-time place. Even so I can usually get a couple down my neck by walking casually along the path and then diving off sideways very quickly.

The other doggie news is the Nikon DogCam, a camera attached to a dog's chest harness and operated by a heart monitor. Thus the camera photographs anything that floats a dog's boat. The images show us to be curious about new things, very excited by food and other dogs. If you showed Treacle a ball-thrower the camera's motor drive would probably explode. ttfn

Chica, Fudge and Treacle

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1st Published 01/08/2015
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