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Rolling with the Little Dog - Feb-Mar 2016 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2016


Well, the Humans have returned from something called 'TheConvention'. I was sent to board with Fudge and Treaclewhich was fun although Auntie Sue goes to work very earlyand we all get dragged around the block a 5am! It's verydark, I didn't know there two five o'clocks in the same day.

The Fancy Dog Trainer came back. He taught me to sniff out stuff inthe woods like the bomb disposal dogs do. Treacle reckons it's a poorlydisguised tactic from Limpy leg to get me racing up and down hills,quartering the ground, while he stands on his good leg. I've told theHumans I am not doing any bomb disposal work, Fudge says it's deaddangerous and you can get blown up.

My last blog came out just before my birthday and the image rightis my official birthday portrait with Fudge and Treacle. We have beennailed to the rocks. I'm the pretty one on the left. The other shot is merecovering from the party, we had a blast!


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1st Published 01/02/2016
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