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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2013



Extensive icc profile coverage is available, especially for the more popular Epson range (24 printers from the 2100 upwards) and two Canon printers. There are no profiles for HP printers. We checked out the gamut volumes of High Gloss, Baryte and Etching medias (as tabled). These gamut volumes are all within the expected range for topclass materials using the high gamut, HDR ink-set of the Epson 4900.


What to look for?

When scanning down such a comprehensive list of media it is easy to become distracted by the choice.

In general surfaces with larger negative Lab b values are cooler to the eye. This influences how 'bright' they appear and while this might enhance a fashion or product shot with greater impact, something such as a baby shot or a female portrait might well look better on a warmer more 'approachable' surface. In parallel, the effect of optical brighteners has to be considered. These make the paper or canvas look cooler and brighter which enhances the contrast in say a monochrome but desaturates and cools flesh tones.

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