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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2013


In the next two issues of Imagemaker we look at some of the newer Hahnemuhle FineArt products along with a reminder of some old favourites. The Hahnemuhle mills have been making fine papers for centuries but they have also continuously refreshed their output to keep up with the times. And so it is for the range launched at Focus on Imaging 2013 - 'Hahnemuhle Photo'. In order to provide the photographer with the choice of a more cost-competitive media they have selected four options and optimised the properties to maintain quality but get the price down. Thus the cost of a matt paper can be as much as 50% less than a premium counterpart. There is little compromise in quality as we found out when we audited the output, but if your clients care little for a premium product then there is nothing to be gained from offering them a fine art rag with all the heritage that comes with it!

The Photo Range consists of just four surfaces: a gloss, a lustre, a smooth art (Matt Fibre) and a smooth art double-sided offering.

The small table collates the baseline properties and from this it is obvious that the gloss and lustre are identical in all but surface finish and that the Matt Fibre pair also share a coating. For a busy photographer this has the advantage that the same workflow may be used - one for gloss/lustre and one for the Matt Fibre pair. Although the baseline coating statistics suggested the pair were very similar, the profile builds and audit statistics showed we could barely get a scalpel blade between them!


The Luster and Gloss gamuts superimposed - no differences!

Photo Gloss 260 and Photo Luster 260

The surfaces are a high gloss (but not mirror-like) and a pleasant low texture stipple. The OBA content is high, producing a bright, crisp print. The gamut volumes are for all practical purposes identical, as are the Dmax, metamerism and base-white statistics. The fluorescence readings placed the media third and fourth in the paper database of all media we have audited and both were in the top 10 on coolness. So, if you are looking for cool and bright, either media will fit the bill.

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