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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


PermaJet have launched two new test packs of their products, one for their Digital Photo Series and one for their Baryta-based papers, the FB range.

Additionally each test pack contains a free swatch sample of their entire range of media. Each pack costs £11.95.

At Epson Print Academy we always teach the importance of obtaining a set of swatches followed by a sample pack and so this product kills both birds with one stone. The contents of each pack are as follows.

Digital Photo Range
Gloss 271 x 5 sheets
Oyster 271 x 5 sheets
Smooth Pearl 280 x 5 sheets
Titanium Lustre 280 x 3 sheets
Matt Plus 240 x 3 sheets
Smooth Gloss 280 x 3 sheets
Ultra Pearl 295 x 3 sheets
Matt Proofing 160 x 3 sheets
FB Baryta Range
FB Gold Silk 315 x 2 sheets
FB Gloss 295 x 2 sheets
FB Gloss Warmtone 295 x 2 sheets
FB Royal 325 x 2 sheets
FB Matt 285 x 2 sheets
FB Photo Art Pearl 290 x 2 sheets
FB Distinction 360 x 2 sheets


The two sheets of the FB Barytas are a bit tight so you have to think hard about how you are going to conduct your testing.

We cannot stress sufficiently how important it is to mark up the back of the sheets in regards to their type and the printing conditions. You should do this systematically before you start testing. Trust us, there is nothing worse than having two prints in the hand, one perfect and one not so and not knowing how each was printed!

Your first decision is in regard to profiles. If you make your own then you should use the first sheet for a 400-patch target and the second should be used to make a print with a generic image that contains a good range of tones and test patched including a monochrome. If, however, you are working towards a panel or limited edition set than it is fine to use that image. In any case you also have the option to buy two packs of FB and perform more tests. This problem does not arise with the Digital photo series - they are less expensive media and so up to five sheets of each are provided. One exception to all this is Titanium; if you decide you like its look you will have to try it out on a few images for it is such a characteristic finish, quite unlike papers you might have previously used.

If you download the PermaJet profiles then you effectively have two FB sheets to play with and could make a generic image and a monochrome (using Epson ABW if that is your bent!).

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