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Charles Lewis calls this your "unique factor". If you can't figure out what makes you different and/or more special than your competition, I promise you that your clients won't be able to figure it out either. Some unique factors for Karen Rubin Photography are:

a. A signature style portrait custom designed for every client characterized by simplicity, superb craftsmanship and a natural expression that moves the observer.

b. Customer service extraordinaire:
· We treat our clients with the utmost respect.
· We consider our client's wants and needs first.
· We never ask the client to wait.
· We always give our clients 100% of our attention when they are in the studio.
· We deliver their portraits on time or before the delivery date.
· We follow up with a handwritten thank you note.
· We provide a money back guarantee if the client is not completely satisfied.

c. I am their personal photographer-they will not have another photographer when they come to our studio. I am an award winning photographer, and a speaker/judge of children's photography backed by twenty years of experience in children's photography.

d. I am an active member of Professional Photographers of America as well as my state and regional association.

TIP 3. Find out what your customers want and help them get it.Karen Rubin,

This is another Charles Lewis philosophy that has worked well for me over the years. I always include a "planning conference" with my first time clients. I ask important questions such as "If you could have your dream image, what would it be?"

Sometimes the client will have an idea buried in their psyche that they didn't even know that they wanted until this question was asked. I spend about 45 minutes listening, asking questions and brainstorming with the client. We discuss clothing, behavioral psychology, prices, and policies. I help them prioritize a logical sequence for the photo session.

Finally, I ask them to sign an 'Engagement Agreement' with me. This makes us partners in the creation of their images. Although my portraits are not inexpensive, my clients are willing to pay more for them because they can get exactly what they want. The beauty of this is that satisfied clients become clients for life.

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