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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2012


An area of the halls was devoted to CGI, including the gyrocopter that had been used. Professor H.-M. Jostmeier and his students from the Design department of Nuremberg's Georg Simon Ohm College had cooperated with BMW at photokina 2008 and with Audi in 2010 in order to demonstrate their skill in visualizing CAD design data. This year, Jostmeier and his team managed to gain a partner from the aviation industry.

In cooperation with the Bavarian company Rotortec, Jostmeier and his students presented photo-realistic visualisations of gyrocopters. Originally created in the 1930s, gyrocopters are complex machines that are currently experiencing a renaissance and being developed into high-performance cutting-edge flying systems. The visualisation of the trendy gyrocopters represents a major challenge for the specialists because it requires great expertise in the use of cameras and other tools, as well as of the 3D program and postproduction techniques.

According to Professor Jostmeier, CGI doesn't compete with photography.

"When working on CGI, we also rely on photography," he says. "Knowing about optics and how to make best use of light is also of key importance when working on the computer. CGI couldn't exist without photography, which forms its basis. On the contrary, CGI expands the capabilities of conventional image production and design." There is a message for photographers then; although only the priviledged few get to see the engineering, computer aided design representations from car manufacturers (of their secret new models), the need for 'scenes' to CGI them into locations is an ongoing need. Hence moofe's search for internationally based photographers with ready access to iconic scenes local to their home-bases.


At last Nikon make a camera small enough for a McNamee

Printers and Printing - The fine art of printing Canon had new A3+ Pixmas which were surrounded by an impenetrable crush of punters, but we did at least get a glimpse! Epson were showing high-end environmentally friendly solvent printers for signage work (along with a dinky duplex printer, see image above-right). Paper was a big feature in the halls but the organisers repeated the concept of bringing all the suppliers together in one area were the punters could browse many papers at the same time.

Back in the halls, Innova had a very adventurous stand, dominated by a London red bus (for use as meeting rooms) but also linked the London theme to the Olympics with a fine display of images from photographer Seonar Chamid . It was certainly eye-catching. PermJet introduced new canvas media and varnishes but their launch of a calbration and longevity accreditation also caught the eye. We will review this in detail some time soon but it will be worth a look at the Convention. It was also good to see St Cuthbert's Mill present and in sound health following some restructuring of the company. This should continue to ensure that the evocative names of Bockingford and Somerset Velvet remain on the shelves. Canson also had a fine diplay of images including some platium and cyanoptype prints made onto Arches media - not inkjet, but lovely to see.

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