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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/10/2014


Forty-four years later and Peter has found his place in the photography industry shooting weddings and portraits alongside his commercial work. 'It's the people,' says Peter when I ask why he's kept at it for 44 years. 'Every day you meet somebody different and every day is a different challenge.' There aren't many wedding and portrait photographers who would disagree with that sentiment, I'm sure, but Peter also told me about how he loves to keep learning.

'You're learning all the time and that's really important to me. But you're not just learning about photography, you're learning about people. As a photographer you get to meet all kinds of different people from all walks of life and that's really exciting!'


Peter also prides himself on his customer service skills, something that is extremely important when you have customers coming back to you throughout their life. 'I keep notes on everyone I shoot, the things we talked about and what they've told me is going on in their lives. That means if I photograph someone for a graduation portrait and they tell me about their degree and then three years later they come back to me for a newborn session, we immediately have something to talk about and I can ask what they've been up to in those three years.' It sounds so simple but personal touches like this can so often convert a customer into a client who comes back for life.

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