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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2016


The interface is clean and straight forward. Here the tutorial is available for familiarisation purposes.

The arrival of this software was particularly timely as we had just completed writing the editorial page for the issue on page three (irony or what?). Without going over the detailed arguments once more, the issue of re-shaping a female form (in particular, although males can be included) is contentious enough for us to employ only the images provided by the software developer (Anthropics) rather than digging an image from our archives and messing about with that!


As with Portrait Pro itself, it is all a matter of degree, no matter how much the chattering classes (in particular those of a feminist persuasion) may complain, most people, male and female, will regard their skilfully retouched image with more favour than an un-retouched version. There are also those who prefer an outrageously retouched version of themselves, just as there are those who indulge in the pursuit of plastic surgery until they look like outrageous versions of their former selves - more akin to self harm than anything; at least retouch software has an undo button!

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