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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2013


We looked at a total of 16 papers from the range although some were examined in more detail than others. We started with measurements of the base-white tones along with surface macro-photography and examination under UV light. Unless you are familiar with the range, the names are a little confusing which does make choosing the acronym for the profile naming a little difficult. 'Smooth' you would expect to represent a surface finish characteristic but does in fact refer to the use of nanocoating technology.*

*"Finally, with regards to your point about the 'Smooth'

naming, this is actually intended to have no technical eaning and is our way of describing products that use nanoporous layers. We're actually in the process of removing this naming from the affected products to streamline our naming structure, so I'm pleased that it sounds as though this should be helpful."

Although we tested Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk way back in January 2008 that was on an Epson 3800. Interestingly the gamut volume was 820,000 compared with 1,071,000 for the more recent tests - it indicates how much things have moved on. The Ilford range of inkjet media is now solely distributed, in the UK, by Tetenal.


The range is extensive in base tone, texture, weight, cost and brightness (aka OBA activity); it even includes a monochrome speciality paper. The prices are competitive, the Gold Fibre Silk is available from Tetenal at 240p per A3+ sheet, a snip at this quality! The specialist Mono Silk is even less expensive.

The Base Whites

These are tabulated but if you wish to review the extent of the range the graphical representations are better for the task. The image shows a twin shot in D55 light and UV light (with just a little UV left in the mix for the D55 to give a more accurate representation, in the printed, magazine version, of what the viewer perceives.

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