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by Shane Miller Published 01/08/2012


Our goal as a company was for a prop box that takes the legwork out of business development so that photographers can focus on what they do best - create beautiful images and happy clients.

But inspirational props are just a part of one of our Prop Boxes. We also include comprehensive posing and lighting guides, as well as numerous Photoshop and gift templates to maximise profits from the photographs produced. Running a successful photography business takes a multitude of skills, which is why we use our joint expertise to provide comprehensive guides to effective marketing campaigns and useful sales tips. Essentially, Prop Boxes are complete new income streams in a box - the best business investment after your own talent.

Each of our Prop Boxes is themed, and we're continuing to expand our offerings; you can view the whole range on our website . We have recently launched our 'Signature' Prop collection - supplying photographers with beautiful and individual items of furniture, perfect for studio use.

We believe whole heartedly that a Prop Box will grow your business and your art, and happily for us, our clients agree!

'(A Prop Box) helped my business and has given me and my studio a new lease of life .'

Mark Betts, Photographer Shane Miller - Artistic Director, The Prop Box

Twitter: @thepropbox1

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