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Published 01/08/2014


The final recommendation for the purpose of this roundup is the HiLite Background and Cleanable Vinyl Train. As they sound, HiLite backgrounds allow the photographer to light the white background from behind.

Because the backround is actually illuminated, the subject can stand virtually in front of it without casting a shadow. In effect working as a large rear softbox, just one flash head is all it takes to light the subject from the front, while the whole contraption is collapsible. Prices range from £179.95 to £617.95 depending on size chosen. The vinyl train option meanwhile allows the background to be handily extended to enable full-length shots, whilst its surface is conveniently wipe clean.

Click Props

Regulars at The Societies' shows and Convention, Click Props' best sellers are pitched to the trade as its Mini Me Hammocks and Trench Bowls, with prices for the latter starting from around a VAT-inclusive £60. When we spoke it was also poised to launch 15 new backgrounds.

The trench bowls available from Click Props include an oval shaped 'Addie Trencher' 21 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and 3-inches tall, as well as a trencher bowl with a natural looking notch that is 19.25 inches long and 9 inches wide, a rectangle bowl 19.25 inches long and 8.25 inches wide, and a distressed bowl with handles 23.25 inches long and 11 inches wide. A large deep trench bowl option provides a suitable vessel for photographing twins, while a round 16x4-inch trench bowl comes in either a classy black or red finish. Fur nest-style props, cocoons, antique wire baskets and all manner of wraps/


hammocks and blankets are also available across Click Props' extensive range if you're seeking to create a look for newborn photos that is a little different.

The popular Mini Me Hammocks have the advantage that they will stretch 24 inches from front to back. The current colour choices for these hammocks include a natural-looking pine green, plus grey or white colour options. Hats, nappy covers, hair bands and even knitted boys' trousers flesh out the rest of the Click Props' range, suggesting a prop for every newborn photography eventuality.

An extensive background collection features over 125 unique floor and wall coverings, designed by in-house digital artists and UK manufactured.

There are three sizes in the range: 5x5ft, ideal for children and newborns; the larger 5x8ft, plus 7x9.5ft which is described as perfect for full length individuals, fashion and family portraiture. All the backgrounds are said to be produced from top quality hardwearing wipe-clean vinyl, with reinforced eyelets every 12 inches along the top edge for simple hanging.

These come in a hard plastic clear tube for easy storage and identification.

VAT-inclusive prices range from £69.50 to £169.50.

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