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Published 01/08/1999

The invitational close is very important. At the end of a sales presentation you should issue a direct or an indirect invitation to buy. One of the most powerful is "why don't you give us a try?"

Nobody can ever afford the price the first time it is mentioned. The reason for this is the law of excluding alternative. Because we have a limited amount of money, whenever we buy anything it eliminates all the other things we could but with that money. Willingness to pay and the ability to pay are two different things. The way you increase the willingness to pay is by increasing the buying desire. Whenever you can afford it don't talk all about price always talk about benefits. Price resistance is simply the prospect of telling you that you haven't given him enough evidence that the benefits will out-weigh the price.

The following suggestions will help you hand the price objectives:

Don't mention the price until the customer asks the price. Always concentrate on the value he receives not on the money you receive. Always justify the price with sound reasons. Never discus price without mentioning value and benefits at the same time. Compare the prices to more expensive articles. Stretch the price over the life of the product.

There are methods for handling other types of price and money objections. When a prospect says he cannot afford it right now because business is bad that is rarely true. You just haven't given him enough reasons to buy. What if he says he is too short of cash right now? You say "what if we could give you terms?" if a prospect says that the budget limitations won't allow the purchase offer billing delayed to the next budget period. When a customer says he didn't expect it would cost that much tell him there were very good reasons for that price and keep talking about the advantages and benefits of your product.

With the customer who is procrastinating on the buying decision, the end of the trail close or the sudden death close can be useful. Tale the filled out sales contract and tell him either this is a good idea and he ought to go ahead with it or it's not good idea and he ought to forget it. In 60% of cases the person will sign.

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