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by George Dawber Published 01/10/2015


It is a well-used word, especially amongst photographers, however, thereare clearly many levels of creativity from those who call anything theyshoot as being creative, for those who copy anyone else's ideas, claimingto be creative. The true creatives are those who use their own mind tocreate something that is truly original, something that only they knowabout and then put it into practice.

During my many years in professional photography I can honestly saythere are only a handful of truly great creating, original thinkers. Eachyear as we organise Photo Training Overseas, now in its 29th successfulyear, we invite a group of photographers who are well known in theirparticular field who are also good communicators and are clearly originalthinkers who have put their experience and knowledge into the Masterclasses they present in order to qualify as one of our esteemed tutors.Normally there are eight of these people, all of whom excel one way oranother in their speciality. To date we have been extremely fortunate toinvite photographers who are not only creative but also people who areable to put their message across in an easy and understandable manner.Our next course, in January next year, a mere three months away andfollowing on the heels of the Society's annual Convention in London,shows that our line-up is full of creative individuals. Here is an exampleof some of these>
SIMON JOHN Probably one of the truly most creative socialphotographers I have ever met, he thinks outside the box and believeme there are not many who do that. Just visit Simon's website or thePTO website to be blown away by his compelling andclearly different images. He is commissioned by those people who cravesomething different and original, not what most of us usually do, safeposing, working to our own tried and trusted formula and generallywith far too much choice. Simon, endeavours to make every wedding orportrait session he does truly personal, he takes chances of course; noteverything he creates works, but wow when they do he turns heads!

VINCENT O'BYRNE A genius when it comes to creative ideas, Vinnieas he is known to his friends and colleagues, works mainly in theadvertising and commercial fields, we implore you to visit either Vinnie'swebsite or the PTO website; you will be stunned by his creative ideas. OnPTO in January he will share his thought process to create and develophis unusual image ideas. Vinnie is not only an outstanding creative, butalso an author of a book on how to be a judge for photographic images,a truly sharing individual.

TIGZ RICE A lady who has her own style of image creation, shespecialises in boudoir and burlesque photography and is also a greatcommunicator. What she does is most certainly different to many otherspecialist photographers.

KENNETH MARTIN A creative master of lighting and posing, Kenny hasbeen in the business for some time, almost as long as me, I guess. Hehas honed his skills to perfection and has been one of the many trainersin our industry, but again with a difference; he mentors studios andsets a programme for each of his clients resulting in massive increasesin turnover and profitability. He spends most of his time these daystravelling around the UK visiting his photographer clients; we anticipatethat he will share some of his fantastic ideas with our delegates on PTOin Lanzarote.

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