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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2005


Editing the profiles may be carried out using a chosen image, displayed in Photoshop. Individual red, green and blue channels may be tweaked across the whole luminance range.

The pro version of MonacoOPTIXXR has an "Evaluation" procedure which fires a succession of colours at the detector and measures what is coming out of the monitor under the control of the profile. These are then analysed and reported on a time line chart, which shows any gradual drift in errors. A screen grab of our initial experiments shows the system in operation. Note that the error values jump from the target error of around 2ΔE to 10ΔE when we deliberately used the incorrect profile. This confirmed that the system was obeying the profile. There is another blip in the chart annotated "LUT reset". The Look Up Table is a facility on the computer's graphics card to allow the user to calibrate the monitor. We used an LUT detection utility to test that the facility was available. It was - but the utility then reset the graphics card! Recalibration brought the system back to where it should be. This calibration detection utility is needed if you are unsure whether you can modify the LUT, it is not present on some lower end graphics cards and laptop computers.


Safe in the knowledge that the profile was working we then evaluated the profiles using both the OPTIX and the more expensive X-Rite DTP 92. Gratifyingly, the two were within 0.03ΔE points of each other.

Profile Editing
The facility to edit a profile towards a final visual match under the viewer's control is provided with the software. Usefully, this can be performed in real time with a chosen image displayed on the screen at the same time. Photoshop, for example, can be brought to the front and then Pulse is brought up by Alt>Tabbing. Edits to the profile are now made with reference to an image in Photoshop.

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