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Published 01/06/2013

A bit of background...

Baby Photo Props

OK, we've cheated here. This is not a hire firm per se, but its products are so keenly priced perhaps you won't mind buying. Baby Photo Props is a small family team led by fellow SWPP member Piotr (Peter) Bzdyra.

A photographer with over 18 years' experience, based in Worthing, East Sussex, Piotr became bored with monochromatic backgrounds so decided to create his own vinyl backdrops, inspired by those he found in the US.

"We were looking for a budget and hassle free solution for easy photo sessions on location," the photographer says. "We found it, in the US.

So we ordered a piece of vinyl flooring and a backdrop. But though we found those to be a godsend, we thought that there was something to improve. So, armed with great enthusiasm and experience gained in digital design and printing, we decided to go ahead and print the vinyl backgrounds on our own!"

The bespoke background service provided by Baby Photo Props, which delivers a durable and waterproof high quality matt material, allows photographers to differentiate themselves from the competition believes Piotr, whilst providing a mobile solution that can deliver great results irrespective of weather. Choose from backgrounds with images of bricks, cobbles, wood, damask wallpapers, stripes, dots, swirls, chevron, glitter, bokeh and other graphics. Piotr adds that a highly popular product is its '2in1' background (133cm or 157cm wide) that, for £99, is designed to provide the illusion of a real interior. All backgrounds are securely packed in sturdy tubes for safe carriage. Regular single backgrounds are priced at £50.

And, claims Piotr, even trained eyes find it hard to spot the fake from the real when it comes to his backgrounds. "Many of our clients and even some collaborating photographers were unable to recognise that there was just a vinyl background, not a real environment, used for the photographs we took using our products." All backgrounds are printed to order/on demand.

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