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Published 01/06/2013

A bit of background...

Creativity Backgrounds

Though its backgrounds are hired out and used by some of the major studios, Creativity Backgrounds sells direct to photographers rather than renting. Operating online so as to maintain low overheads, it has a permanent '4 for the price of 3' offer. There are over 50 coloured backgrounds up for grabs, plus 'Ultra Black', which is described as two stops darker than its regular black.

That said, the firm believes colour is making a comeback. When it first started it was selling mainly artic white and black, but now describes colour as having 'gone through the roof'.

"Photographers are wanting to set their portfolios apart from others in the market, to offer customers alternatives, and to create seasonally linked coloured shoots including being canny with the upcoming pantones in fashion," says spokeswoman Vanessa Champion. "As photographers we are creative, we make images through our lens, so adding the exciting dimension of colour into our shoots really lifts and inspires us, the stylists and the models too. It's incredibly surprising how you can put a Sulphur behind a model or a Cherry behind a little boy and their energy changes on camera. It's quite something [and] awakens and elevates our creativity as photographers. With boudoir photography being so big, we are selling loads of Crimson for the low light subtlety that particular genre needs."

Normal studio full width rolls with dimensions of 2.72x11 metres cost £35 + VAT, whilst the half width roll option of 1.35x11m retails at £25, and both have '4 for 3' offers on them via the website URL below.

Delivery charge is £6.

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