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Published 01/06/2013


Another rental firm with the interests of members of The Societies in mind, Fixation has even put together an exclusive portrait lighting hire bundle for us. The Elinchrom lighting set comes with two 500W heads, stands, softboxes and radio release, plus Lastolite portable backdrop of your choice with stand and reflector for £50 per day or over a weekend. Just mention 'SWPP' when booking. Another unique angle is that Fixation has its own workshop to ensure equipment is kept in tip-top shape, while camera sensors are cleaned by in-house technicians.

"I believe our equipment is a little more nurtured than some other rental kit," adds Fixation's Sales & Administration Manager Paula Stevens, "We do repair work for other hire companies as well, so we see stuff coming in battered and bruised and we know how it's been treated in order to get repeat breakages. We always pride ourselves on our equipment being in really good condition and have multiples of all the top-end bodies and exotic lenses, including the super telephotos, the super wide, tilt and shift, super fast aperture lenses, plus Lens Babies and the new Samyang cine lenses. All sorts of things for achieving special effects that you might not want to use all the time."

Like others, Fixation is witnessing a shift towards photographers hiring out kit for video production as well as stills. "If you are just required to do some video clips in addition to your main stills job, then we've done a lot of work with people to build up starter kits to help you. We've got a lot of advice to give and a lot of good accessories, rigs, filters, microphones, audio recorders and monitors."

Paula notes that wedding photographers might also really benefit from hiring a backup for their camera body and lens. "So if you hire a Canon body and lens, or a Nikon body and lens, on the Nikon side, free of charge we would offer a Nikon 85mm f/1.8 - a gorgeous lens which is an 'unsung hero' - while on the Canon side we would offer free of charge the new 40mm lens, which is blisteringly sharp. So much so, that readers are bound to love it and want to buy one."

Luckily then, you can also buy via Fixation. It doesn't currently offer online sales, as it prefers what it terms a "more personal service". Also, up to two days' paid hire is refunded if you do choose to buy following a rental period. That aside, Fixation offers a one-day hire rate from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, which gives you the best value in terms of trying something out, whilst those days of the week conveniently cover most weddings as well.

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