The reportage style of Nicole and Ralf Obermann - part 1 of 1

by Ralf Obermann Published 01/12/2010


RO-Fotografie consists of Nicole and Ralf Obermann who enjoy their work and create breathtaking shots which seem effortless to any observer. This can be accomplished because they are participants and witnesses with keen yes for special moments. They have mastered the art of capturing the mood and recognising the opportunity to capture the perfect moment. They have introduced reportage wedding photography to the German-speaking areas and refined their own style. Ralf has already been a speaker (in wedding photography) at the Nikon Solutions 2009, the Convention 2009, as well as the Photokina 2010 and many other events.

In Germany, many photographers tend to consider wedding photography as dusty, stuffy, unadventurous and boring. Having lived abroad for a long time, wedding photography was not common in Germany when Nicole and Ralf Obermann started into this field of photography.

The challenge consisted of adjusting international trends to the new German-speaking market. For this purpose they chose their own very personal and original path. 'Our style is affected by the photographer's personality,' describes Ralf Obermann. For him the photographer is not excluded but part of the celebration itself. 'This makes amazing shots possible, which do not reflect the photographer's personality, but the unique atmosphere. As photographers we absorb the vibes and become part of the wonderful moments which we then capture for the bride and groom,' said Obermann.

The two are among the most requested reportage wedding photographers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. For longer wedding receptions both pack their suitcases and accompany the bridal couple for several days along the Mediterranean or to distant continents. Everything for the mood! The atmosphere is so essential to the clients that they want to hold on to it forever.


Reviewing Nicole and Ralf Obermann's work you do not find a consistent theme, as the situations and people differ, so do the pictures vary from shot to shot.

There is no Obermann in their photographs. Obermann is the human being approaching the moment - as a part of the whole situation finally pressing the release button,' explains Ralf Obermann.

Another feature of Nicole and Ralf is the constant refining of their work flow in post-production. They have developed operations allowing rapid image editing which does not destroy the 'soul of the picture' with automated processes but enhances the brilliance of the moment.

In their Convention lecture Ralf Obermann will explain what defines their lively and unique photography. His presentation is not just about technical discussions of exposure, background lighting or low-light situations. The focus is on the photographer as part of the scene. How can he fulfill his duty without interfering or becoming biased? How can he be part of the event without losing his photographic vision? How does he manage to immerse into the mood and then just capture it?

As for image creation, selection and editing they will show and explain that the image selection is more marketing than usually assumed. By means of examples in Lightroom, Photoshop and InDesign they will show how to facilitate the workflow and how to release one's own individual creatively in the process of image editing. Their goal is to have their master class filled with exchanges of ideas.

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