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by Jocelyn Conway Published 01/08/2016


Women are often self-conscious and body-conscious during pregnancy and will often feel uncomfortable... They can't bend at the waist they don't have one anymore! Their ankles swell if they stand too long and they can't breathe normally with the baby pressing on their lungs from underneath!

They need frequent rests and refreshment. Their blood sugar can drop dramatically so I always have tea, coffe, (although even the smell of tea or coffee can make them feel nauseous), water and biscuits ...fruit, is also great to have in for mums ...bananas are life savers sometimes!

Mums can stand for a short time for lovely standing shots ... lowing fabric, etc, but I'm always asking them how they feel, and keeping an eye on them.

There are some lovely shots to be had with the mum sitting down too.

The hardest I think for mums to do is the 'lying on the floor' picture. For one, it's hard to get down then up again but if they are lying on their back they can suffer a drop in blood pressure due to a phenomenon called postural hypotension... the baby lies on the mother's back, causing a reduction in the flow of blood to the brain! If a woman wants this shot, I do it reasonably quickly, watching her, and I have her propped up a little, with a cushion and then move her to her side as well.

All I would advise is talk to them, keep asking how they are feeling. Do the shoot in a reasonable time. I usually take 30-45 minutes and have snacks and drinks on hand.


New Baby Safety

New baby safety is a biggy! The babies are often days old when they come to the studio, new mums are anxious and it's often the first outing with their baby!

Obviously you don't need to be a midwife to handle little babies safely; just remember that parents are watching your every move, and can be very anxious as they are new to this and can be very nervous.

New babies can't control their temperature efficiently so the temperature of the studio is important. I usually have mine around 25-28 degrees C, cooler when they arrive and are dressed or wrapped, and then increase the temperature when I undress them for the little nuddy pics.

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