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by Stuart Bebb Published 01/10/2011


They do say that if you have a good strong set of photographic skills that you could turn your hand to virtually any area of the business and Stuart Bebb is a living, breathing example that proves the point. After attending the famous Blackpool College School of Photography in the late 70s he moved into the world of commercial and scientific photography following graduation, and for the next 20 years he worked first at the Oxford Eye Hospital and then as senior photographer with the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford

"I was involved in much of the photography for all of the major physics experiments that Oxford was involved in at the time," he recalls, "including the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at Cern, the Cassini space mission and the search for Dark Matter, which involved experiments in Italy and Germany.


"Wedding photography was always something that I ran as a business separate from my physics work, and I picked up a lot of my skills in this area from Roy Doorbar and Ian Gee. I first got to know Roy from when he was a part-time lecturer at Blackpool during the time I was studying and he's a great teacher."

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