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by Craig Minielly Published 01/08/2012


Shooting on location can be intimidating, challenging, demanding, but also a whole lotta fun. After all, if it were always easy, then there wouldn't be much chance for inspiration or creativity to take place. It could also be said that there is something exciting to having a plan in your mind ahead of time, only to have it all it all blown to hell when you get on location! It just lends an extra sense of adventure to the workday...!

Now, I'm not advocating to fly by the seat of your pants and just do everything as randomly as it comes to you...that's fine for your own personal opportunities, but a recipe that will bite you in the ass sooner or later when clients get involved. You have a business to run, which ultimately is built on your reputation for being successful towards your clients' interests.


Craig Minielly takes a look at location photography.

Virtually all of the elements of working on location can be considered ahead of time, and you can then decide on how to address them to maximise your creative opportunity versus the balance of responsible planning and preparation. With experience, the elements that can be intimidating at first can become second nature, which then allows for more involved operations, which in turn encourages more creative and free-flowing spontaneity within a session.

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