Serious about Success - part 1 of 1

by Catherine Connor Published 01/11/2007

Every business needs to allow itself pace and balance, pace to move the business forward and balance harmonising with your lifestyle. The key to being successful is to be the pace maker in your business and set the tone of all you want to achieve. Think about how your week unfolds, who is controlling the speed in your business- YOU, your suppliers or the clients themselves? The worst thing that can happen to any business is that it is driven at the wrong speed, knowing when to take time out is as important as knowing when to kick into gear.

One of the greatest gifts you can give the business is to be the driver. Make some choices and changes today when you are reading this article - what would you do differently that liberates your time, your plan, your passion and your belief for all that you want to achieve in 2008? It will disappear as soon as 2007 did!

We are all at the start of a new year ahead and the most important decisions you will make on behalf of the business will be your plans for your business - how many weddings do you want to target FOR 2008/2009? What is your marketing strategy and PR approach for your wedding business? Do you have the vision and the answers to fill your diary for spring, summer and autumn? The best thing about having no answers is that it is still feasible to achieve your goals. All you have to do is invest time considering these goals for the business and then start to research; gain information from those who inspire you, ask questions and seek advice. Some of the richest companies in the UK are the best educated. Get yourself and your business educated. What do you need to know which will help you to structure the perfect plan for the development of your business?

We all need direction. A lack of direction can often slow us down or make us seem like we are treading water; this will often reduce our creative flow within the business. This is why the plan needs content. What does your plan contain at the moment and how would you refine the plan, make it fatter, add more meat and give it direction?

The creative flow within the business is naturally connected to the vision as I believe they work hand in hand. What we aim to achieve is a synergy that combines all we stand for - the plan connects to the vision and the vision connects to the belief and the triangle is complete. For all creative people it is more fundamental that the plan is inspiring. Name me a creative thinker who is inspired by the bank account or a pie chart. I invest a great deal of time talking to people from all sectors in business and one of the most important aspects that contributes to their success is their passion, being passionate about the plan - owning it, living it and believing in it.

Consider again how your year will unfold. Where does your passion lie? Small, intimate weddings; children; landscape or fashion; or just being more pro-active with your marketing approach. Take time out of the business and consider what you are passionate about. Is it primarily the people or is it about becoming successful? Successful is a word we often associate with great planning, strategic marketing approaches and being in control of your business and the final goal.

Belief is the next big word to focus upon, how much belief do you have in the vision and the content? Never stifle your belief in yourself and your future. Always stretch yourself so you live out of the business, rather than in it, try to look at the business from the outside, as your distance will help you see more clearly.

'Serious about success' is about the clarity you need for all arms of the business and the marketing approaches you need to make the plan happen. Marketing is a passion of mine - all it triggers for the business and all it contributes to the client experience. You have to be serious about business. Every business needs to be alive with activity to survive. Be alive this year with your business and connect to as many people as possible who are going to contribute to your plan, passion, belief and content.

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1st Published 01/11/2007
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