Should You Give Prices Over The Phone or on the Web? - part 1 of 1 2 3

by Doug Gordon Published 01/04/2012

'How much?' The phone call we all dread. My studio Patken Photographer Inc has been in business for almost 25 years, operating as a high-volume studio, attending more than 900 weddings each year. Although our pricing has changed considerably over the years, our key demographics have not.

As with most studios, our clients are young, working-class couples, and would be considered the 'quality-medium market'. Our initial investment is $3,250 but can go to whatever value a client wishes. We try to cater to all types of clientele. Our idea is to form personal relationships and make it more than just about price. If you quickly give your price over the phone to a prospective bride then she will judge you on price alone, without truly appreciating the quality of your work, personality and possibly experiencing a visit to your studio. You will most likely never hear from her again.

The key is to first sell the appointment. That will require salesmanship and, more importantly, personality. Never underestimate a potential client and, more importantly, judge a book by its cover. If you give a price over the phone, you are not giving the client the total experience. By getting the client into the studio, your chances of a sale improve dramatically. Our clients will only shop for price once, they will remember the quality of what we give them forever. You cannot show that over the phone.Stay Simple! Sell the appointment. Remember a bride who doesn't book you because she cannot afford you, but happens to love you is not always a bad thing. It is another relationship formed and another chance for a recommendation. Every call, Every appointment counts!

Some things to remember!

Selling the appointment
1 Have the answers to the questions before they come!
2 Focus on your objectives and what message you need to deliver.
3 Fully understand the 'mind triggers' and switches you must activate INSIDE
the customers mind to quickly and easily WIN a favorable buying decision... 4 Getting an edge means doing something different. If you do the same thing as everyone else you have absolutely no advantage.
5 Explain Why immediately after you recommend something to your client and you will significantly increase the chances of getting a 'yes' decision.
6 Sell with passion and excitement. If you are excited so is your potential client....

  • Be happy when you answer the phone. They Know!
  • Never pick up the phone too fast or wait too long 3-4 rings.
  • Give the caller your full attention and ask for a name if the caller doesn't tell you. Make sure the caller knows your name.
  • Try to refer to caller by their name to develop a personal relationship with them. Do not over do it.
  • Take client particulars and write them down.
  • If you are answering the call, it is your job to complete the clients request immediately. Do not assume someone else will do it. You are responsible
    for it.
  • Do not leave clients on hold too long, if you are busy or cannot find the information they are requesting quickly, take a message and call the client
    back ASAP.
  • It is the 21st century. Use email.
  • Be sure to log client calls and requests in safe places such as their folder or a call database.
  • Always confirm clients' details whenever possible (names, telephone numbers, dates, locations, etc).
  • Remember every impression you make, counts. Clients are looking for a reason to be upset. Don't give them one!
  • Most Importantly, be appreciative of their business.

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