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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2009


his screen grab shows the green thumbnails in Adobe Bridge. Above (top) are the as-shot RAW (DNG) files of the Macbeth Chart and, in the middle, the calibrated shot. Directly above is a map of the residual errors. The image on the left is an as-shot, full resolution file with just a little vertical cropping.

Real Images

Although the Macbeth chart provides a quantitative assessment of the camera performance, we needed to also test real shots. We shot the Liverpool Waterfront.


A fixed focal length need not be an impediment. This is a stitched set of RAW (DNG) files made using Auto Align in Photoshop.

Conditions were overcast so the contrast was not too challenging for the Foveon chip. Auto white balance assessed the colour temperature as 6750°K/+5 tint against the more visually accurate values of 5050°K/-19 tint, along with a need to increase the exposure by almost a stop. To a large extent the metering was fooled by the bright sky.

Mention is made by other reviewers of magenta or green artefacts. We too found this effect but it disappeared as soon as a moderate amount of sharpening was applied. The detail in the image was noticeably good. We found focusing to be a bit on the slow slide and the latency was noticeable after getting used to the speed of today's DSLRs.

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