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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2009


A high range woodland shot was just recoverable using ACR on a DNG file to get back some detail in the fern highlights.

In terms of image quality you may judge for yourselves. The images reproduced have been hand tweaked using a DNG conversion and then ACR, but not using calibrated settings. Sharpening of 40 Amount/ 0.5 Radius/ 80 Detail/ 0 Masking has been applied before conversion to CMYK and printing to the page size-for-size at 300dpi.


LOWER: This shot completely fooled the auto exposure of the DP2. Although the shadows are just starting to clip, the highlights are almost fully blown (highlighted in red). Despite this most of the detail was recovered in ACR although you may note that the 'recovery' slider was at the end of its range at 100.


Should you buy a DP2? Well it is probably not a purchase a new or struggling up comer should be bothering with, unless you have a well-defined need. If you like the purist simplicity of a fixed focal length lens to take walking with you, and like to have a lens hood, then this camera is close to perfect for you; around 40mm into 35mm-format is considered by many to be an ideal landscape perspective. The camera certainly looks the part, it has something of the Leica rangefinder to its appearance.

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1st Published 01/12/2009
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