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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2004

Printing from an inkjet printer should be trivially simple. However, anybody who has tried it will tell you that once you get past printing an A4 Word page in draft, things can get hot very quickly. By the time you get to printing a goofy sized image on a roll fed printer, onto a goofy-sized paper stock, with a bespoke profile you are faced with up to 28 mouse clicks. During that rampant rodent clicking, one false move can result in wasted media.


Changing the folder, which Windows spools to from the default C Drive to another (empty) drive will alleviate some problems. Here a separate g Drive is allocated.

Even when you collapse back and watch the "printing" bar chugging along you may still not be out of the water - it is only when you see the whole of the white border at the back end of your image that you can afford a high five. Thankfully there are a number of options to assist you in your quest and they form the main part of this feature. However first we must digress to describe a problem that has been plaguing us for some time. A small group of Epson 7600 owners have been collaborating and swapping notes for some time in regard to some printing issues, particularly on large images or large contact sheets. The symptoms are the failure to print the whole image or in extreme cases a blue screen crash of the system. Here is what we have identified so far:

1. The problem occurs on both Macs and PC's
2. The problem has occurred on a number of different printer models and makes
3. As far as we can tell, users of RIPs do not suffer the same problems
4. The problem is variable and unpredictable i.e. it sometimes occurs with an image but next time will not
5. The problem is predominantly a Windows defect and it occurs in Windows 2000 and XP in various service packs

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1st Published 01/10/2004
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