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by Greg Preston Published 01/10/2010


8. Always make sure security has knowledge of your presence. Not only should they know you are going to be there, someone should be put on your set to handle curious tourists and would-be thieves.

9. Make sure housekeeping is on their toes. Sometimes we arrive on set only to find the area in need of cleaning. This costs the hotel countless dollars, and holds up the 'window of opportunity' in lighting issues.

10. Always make sure you receive 50% up front for a job. In this worldwide recession, you want to make sure your expenses are paid for.

Finally, all these things need to be requested with diplomacy and unfailing humour. You always want to assume that people want to help you to create great images. There is nothing insurmountable in this world of resort photography, but being too demanding or ill tempered will certainly dampen your chances of being asked back. All art directors want to hang out with a photographer that has a smile on their face, is relaxed, and makes cast and crew feel welcomed.

In more than 22 years in this business, I have encountered every situation, good and bad, which a photographer could come across. Never once have I regretted my career choice, as I have fun almost every day. We all become photographers for a variety of reasons - no day is like another one, we get to create beautiful images, and we have that coveted flexibility or schedule. So if this is a niche that you'd like to develop your business towards, I wish each and every one of you success in your endeavours!

Greg Preston is an advertising photographer in Las Vegas, and shares a studio with his wife and partner, Sharon Sampsel. Sampsel & Preston Photography has been in business since 1988. He is the father of two great sons and the author of The Artist Within: Portraits of Cartoonists, Animators and Others. He is due to speak at the Convention.

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1st Published 01/10/2010
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