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by Mike McNamee Published 01/09/2005


The Modified Queensbury Rules

How to score the match? This had to be based on points as it was quickly apparent that a knock out was unlikely between two well-matched opponents. Images were blown up to 200% and 400% on a high resolution CRT monitor, running at 1600x1200 pixels. Screen grabs were made with the images brought to roughly the same physical size on the screen. All files were also scaled to provide a 45" inkjet print and the prints were examined.

Round - 1 St Mary Axe

The street sign of St Mary Axe was blown up to 300% and 500%, then screen grabbed. The D2x just shades it on points. On the original screen the City of Westminster coat of arms is just discernable, providing you have an idea what it looks like. The 38MB file off the 5x4 tranny is a clear loser, the street name itself is not discipherable.


Round - 2 The Corbels

At the top of the shot are some architectural features half in sun, half in shade. The slanting line of the window is more pixelated and although the D2x shot has more contrast there seems to be more information in the 268MB file, off the tranny. The 5x4 just wins this round.

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1st Published 01/09/2005
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