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Published 01/06/2013


"The vinyl is durable and doesn't crease, so you get a good even surface to shoot against. I love the way the backgrounds have been matt printed so you don't get surface shine and they render with a 3D look in camera due to the shadowing and highlights. Given their price it's not beyond most studios to build a stock and have lots of looks at their disposal. A particular favourite of mine has been the cushioned Union Flag vintage roll; it looks great in images and has become a favourite with clients too, who come with outfits specifically to shoot against it."

Stuart McIntyre was The Click Group Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2010 and won the Fresh Photographer of the Year title in 2011, and he likewise appreciates what Click Backgrounds and Props have to offer. "Let's face it," he says, "a Click Background costs about what you might charge for a 10x8in print, and so it's highly affordable! The quality is very good, and there's a huge range available, which is important if you don't want the photographer down the road using the same designs as you! "I have six or seven vinyl backgrounds up at any time; the graffiti backgrounds and colourful backgrounds are popular with our teenage makeover clients, and the oriental writing style looks really good for adult makeovers."


Stuart is also an enthusiastic user of the props: "I've been using them for over a year," he says, "and they are very useful, as they give a photographer wide range of creative options." Another to use the Click props on a regular basis is child photographer Sarah Wilkes, and she has a large collection in her studio, ranging from 'Mini Me' hammocks through to Trench Bowls and headbands. "You can put a baby in one of the Nubble Wraps and it's simple and colourful and works really well," she says. "They are very good quality and there's a really good selection to choose from."

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