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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/10/2016


Westcott, Sekonic & Studio 6

Distributor Johnsons Photopia also has a bunch of recommended gear to offer members of The Societies. From the Westcott range there is the new 24-inch collapsible beauty dish, designed by photographer Joel Grimes. Launched this month, it is described as the first of its kind.

Beauty dishes are usually fixed aluminium, travel in their own box/case and are easily dented. So, to avoid such pain, Westcott has developed a fabric version, incorporating its popular Rapid Box technology. This is available in Bowens, Elinchrom or Profoto fittings.

The next recommendation is X-Drop, a range of 5x7ft backgrounds with an X-Cross support frame that pulls it taught. This is likewise suitable for photographers and film-makers on the move, who want portable backgrounds that enable a quick set-up. It’s also said to be popular with home-workers who use Skype for business meetings and don't want to reveal their cluttered house in the background!

Appearances range from coldly contemporary to warm and rustic.

Alternatively if you’re looking to add a dash of opulence to your shoots, Wescott also offers Modern Vintage backdrops, which are regular 9x12ft and 9x20ft background fabrics, requiring a background support system to erect. These are described as extra-heavy, non-reflective matt fabric, with seamless patterns embossed in thick, high-quality velour.

The same distributor is also responsible for Sekonic, a brand that boasts the LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-U-EL meter, launched back in March at The Photography Show. It incorporates Elinchrom Skyport wireless technology to enable the photographer to control their studio lighting, with modelling light power, flash power (grouped or single) and other aspects, all adjustable via the meter’s screen. The photographer can meter and adjust, then meter again from the subject's position without having to go back to the camera, or to the lights individually. The touch-screen operation of this series of Sekonic light meters is also being pitched as the world’s first.

If you’re looking for a suitable space to try out all these goodies in, then why not Studio 6, a brand new purpose-built photographic and video studio in Letchworth. JP Distribution is partnering with Studio 6 to host Westcott and Sekonic training days, promoted under the ‘Illuminating Training’ name. At the time of writing this was scheduled to go live in October.

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