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by Michael Turner Published 01/11/2011


"As well as speaking at the Convention I have also mentored to Licentiate level and I'm part of the awards and (mostly) qualifications judging team," he says. "I've given two talks to the Business School over the years, which looked at how to network successfully and also how to survive beyond your first year in business, and I've delivered Masterclass/Superclass workshops on photographing children. I've also been involved in judging the Societies Photographer of the Year Awards this time around while I train in portrait photography on the Member Days during the rest of the year."

This kind of heavy involvement with every aspect of the Societies reflects Michael's philosophy, which is to put as much back into the business as he can and to work with those coming through the ranks to advise them and to give them the benefit of his family's long connection with the professional business.

Michael's talks at the 2012 Convention will consist of two Masterclasses on Baby Photography and Promotions and a four-hour Superclass on Photographing Couples as part of a Pre-Wedding Shoot. The rest of the time he'll be judging, but he'll still be looking as ever to be fully involved in every aspect of the event and to be mixing with the wide cross section of photographers who will be attending.


"My first Masterclass on Baby Photography will look at ways that photographers can capture a baby's first year," he says. "I'll be talking about the best ages to photograph babies, how to set up a temporary or permanent studio, giving advice on the lighting to use and showing how to get the best from your subjects. From here I'll move on, and in the second Masterclass I'll look at how to run successful promotions, choosing products and sales and marketing.

"My pre-wedding Superclass is all about how to photograph couples on location, as individuals and together, and I'll also be discussing strategies for getting to know your couple, relaxing and posing them and how best to tackle available light portrait photography. Also part of the session will be a look at how you can use the pre-wedding shoot to give your couple confidence for their big day while at the same time boosting sales." What does Michael take away from it all every year? "I just love mixing with positive-minded photographers and great personalities, and it sends me away with a real boost for the start of the year," he says. "I don't get as much time to attend other classes as I would like but I can learn from, or be inspired by, just about anyone who has a passion for their subject, no matter what their speciality might happen to be.

"In previous years I've enjoyed listening to Jim Chamberlain, David Williams, Catherine Connor, Trevor and Faye Yerbury, Joe Smith, Annabel Williams, Clive Nichols, David name just a few! The mix of photographers you come across at the Convention is fantastic and it's a really great event to be a part of."

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