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by Rick Ferro Published 01/10/2013


Love is in the air, and so is spring. Hopefully by now your phone is starting to ring about engagement sessions. I know it's that time for us over here. It's a whole new year and the next generation is looking for something different, or are they?

I would love to tell you that romance has changed, or the new breed of clients are not really wanting traditional or romantic imagery, but then I would be lying to you. They want more; there is more romance on television than ever and even programmes such as Dancing with the Stars have entered the vocabulary when talking to our clients about how they can look like a star.


For this article I included a special selection of my engagement images that I know will help you gain the types of client you're striving for.

The scene looks simple doesn't it? I guess it is but setting up the pose took me a good 10 minutes. The bench couldn't be moved so I had to keep the clients as close to the end as possible to develop negative space.

Engagement images are always more successful when the couple closetheir eyes, as you can see. The hard part is building body language; he isthe aggressor so let him nibble on her cheek. By having her slightly move her head back she is now unleashing the romance in the scene.

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