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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/04/2015


Once you have considered public and employers' liability insurance, a third type of insurance for photographers setting up in business to consider is professional indemnity insurance. This, says Aaduki's Darryl Probert, is a must for one-off events like weddings, where you have been booked to provide photographs, but it is unlikely to be needed at events where you would sell photographs afterwards to make money; for example where you are not contracted to provide the work, but you are simply working speculatively. After all, if you don't get the desired shot, you won't sell any pictures.

A good example of where professional indemnity insurance would be useful is if you were to undertake wedding photography and the bride and groom felt the pictures you produced were substandard, or you were unable to produce them as the data card has been inadvertently wiped. They may then choose to issue legal proceedings against you.

If this nightmare scenario were to happen, professional indemnity insurance would cover the costs of defending and/or settling the claim. Members of The Societies also qualify for an exclusively priced joint public liability and professional indemnity insurance policy from £115 per annum. This gets cheaper still if taken out at any of the Digital Imaging Roadshows or the annual Convention.

Naturally, apart from all of the above, you should also cover your photographic equipment not only for theft but also for accidental damage. Be aware though that there are two types of theft cover in insurance. For the best protection you need to ensure that your policy will provide you with 'full theft' (also sometimes referred to as 'open theft' cover). A good illustration of why this might be useful is the following scenario: you may have your bag at your feet whilst shooting and turn around to take a shot. Upon turning back you discover that the bag has been whipped away by an opportunistic thief. Without full theft cover this kind of event would not be covered, Aaduki explains. In addition consider legal cover. Some photographers find it inconceivable that they need this, but with the price being less than £35 per year for £100,000+ of cover offered as a bolt-on (and solicitor's fees around £100 per hour), it may not be worth taking the risk. A situation where this might prove useful would be if someone was using your images on their website and refused to remove them unless issued with a solicitor's letter.

Want further advice on which type of insurance cover you should be seeking as a photographer, and the reasons why? Then make Aaduki your first port of call on 01837 658880, email or visit

- just remember to mention that you are a member of The Societies and have your membership number to hand to qualify for the exclusive discounts, including free legal helpline.

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